As the Zone 5 brand grows, so does the competitive race team. On Saturday May 23, the Stout Brothers (Bill and Matt) stepped up to the starting line at the Hammonton Sprint Triathlon ready to give it their all. All their training, all their hard work — The blood, sweat and tears, prepared them for this moment, and they did not disappoint. Both took 2nd in their age group and Bill placed 5th overall, only 22-seconds from 2nd overall. He ran a blistering 17:50 5K, which advanced him to the top of the pack. Bill and Matt are natural athletes and extremely dedicated to their craft. They give all the credit to their dad, who himself is also an excellent endurance athlete. Congratulations to Bill and Matt, as well as the Zone 5 competitive race team for putting on another great show.  Next up for the Super Stouts is the Escape the Cape TRI in Cape May New Jersey.